Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bystander Syndrome/Theory??

Just wanted to share what happened this morning. I'm not sure if we referred to it in class as Bystande Theory or Syndrome, but we all know what it means. I live in a condiminium complex and as I pulled in to the parking lot around noon, I heard a man yelling at who I assumed to be his wife/girlfriend/partner...He was using swear words and threatening statements. There have been a few nights when I overheard the same type of yelling from my bedroom windows, but only laid there hoping it would stop so I could sleep. Today, a lightbulb went off, and where I usually would just let it go and hope or think someone else would call the police, I stepped in and called myself. I was witnessing an injustice, even though I could only hear it. I guess maybe I took it upon myself to be the voice for the woman/significant other who was being silenced by this verbal abuser.

Thanks, Dr. Bogad...what a great summer session! I felt very empowered this morning! : )


  1. Go Jill!! It's amazing how often we see this stuff happen, and don't do anything about it. I am totally guilty as well.

  2. Way to go, Jill. You & Lauren both hit it on the head: it's common, we all hear it/see it at some point... and you did something about it! Next time I hear/see this, I will try to remember our class and your actions.

    PS: Bailey is adorable!!